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Feet First Podiatry offer a full range of services including... 

Full Treatment   £30

A comprehensive treatment which includes an assessment of your feet, nail treatment, removal of any hard skin and corns and moisturising of feet if required.  Footwear and foot care advice will also be offered. 

Diabetic Foot Health Check   £20

If you have diabetes it is vital that you take good care of your feet.  Feet First Podiatry can help you achieve this.   We will test your vascular status, test for neuropathy, advise you what risk level you are and write to your GP to keep them up to date.  We will also provide footwear advice and provide advice on how best to care for your skin and feet. 

This assessment is free when combined with Full Treatment, House Calls and Just Nails treatment

Biomechanical Assessment   £30 

Suffering from sore feet, knees or hips?  A full biomechanical assessment will assess your posture, your joint movement in your lower limb, any anatomical abnormalities and analyse your gait.  Carried out by fully qualified podiatrist, you will be provided with a treatment plan which may include orthotics, an exercise regime or advice regarding footwear.

Just Nails   £20

Some of our patients require just their nails to be cut and filed and we will do exactly that.  If required, thickened nails will also be buffed. 

Orthotics from   £15

Orthotics can be an easy solution to various foot problems such as plantar fascilitis and ‘flat feet’. Our trained podiatrist will assess your feet and, if required, recommend the best type of orthoses for you.

Home Visit   £30

Housebound?  Unable to travel to our clinic?  Our podiatrists will provide podiatry care in the comfort of your own home.  Also care homesand hospital visits.  We cover Coatbridge and Airdrie and house calls are made on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Verruca Treatment  from £20 to £150

Bothered with Verruca?  Various treatments are available at our clinic, ranging from treatment with acid to our recent additon, verruca needling.  Call now for an appointment and assessment.

Nail Surgery from   £180 to £200

Nail surgery is performed on patients with problematic nails such as ingrowing toe nails and involuted nails.  Surgery will take place in a clinical setting and you will be assessed beforehand as to your suitability for this procedure.  Costs include local anaesthesia, surgery and all dressings after surgery.

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